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Plastic pmma globe lampshade

   Plastic pmma globe lamp shade transforms atmosphere in an instant, adding visual interest to a scheme with a pop of vibrant colour or intriguing textures.A good quality lampshade will make people feel comfortable, a glare  can be depressing. How to select a good quality lampshade has become a problem for many suppliers.So how to choose a good lampshade is the main thing of this article.
  A good quality lamp shade has high transmittance and it's not easy to have a chemical reaction.However,good quality lamp shade will keep not deformed and not change color for a long time.Lamp shade has a variety of material.Plasric lamp shade can be made of PMMA,PC,PS,PVC.PMMA lampshade is also known as acrylic lampshade and plexiglass lampshade because it has good transmittance and look as glass.

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PMMA Globe lampshade
Acrylic lamp shade
Plexiglas lampshade
Plastic pmma lampshade
Acrylic, PMMA, Plexiglas, Perspex, Acrylite,
Acrylic Plastic, Altuglas, R-Cast, Polycast, Lucite Plazcryl,pmma globe shade

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