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How to buy the best lamp shade?

Many customer refect that they bought the lampshade with poor quality,so how can we distinguish the high quality lampshade is very important,and now I analysis it in my opinion.If i have mistakes,please forgive it.
Our company is specialized in the production of acrylic lampshade with many years..The usage of lampshade is protecting the lamps, the best outdoor lamp shade can resist bad weather such as high temperature,blizzard,strong wind and durable,our lampshades have many advantage:Using imported material of anti-UV acrylic,which has 5 years warranty of no color changing.We carry the certificate of ROSH,CE,SGSand so on.We also has many customers from 30 countries that can explain our lampshade with high quality .
At the last,if you are interested in our product,welcome to consult.THX!yes

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